Email Checker on Your Server ?

Send Newsletters only 
to Verified Email List 
What do You Get?
The Check Email script to check email address lists.
Mail Server to create professional email addresses for businesses.
Pre-configured space to install 'Sendy' to send bulk emails via the SMTP port 587 to the verified e-mail lists.
Email Form Validation to check the validity of email addresses in the 'Sendy' forms on your pages.
Bounced Email Parsing with diagnostics, extract email addresses that have been bounced after sending.
WordPress installation to create your promotional pages.
All this in only one SSL secure server and without any limitation.

“He who would search for pearls, must dive below.”

Emails Deduplication

Emails Deduplication

Removes all duplicate email addresses in a list and present only unique addresses to future verifications.

Syntax Verifier

Syntax Verifier

Any email address containing invalid hostname or username syntax, or missing @ is treated as bad.

Domain Validation

Domain Validation

Detect if mail domain mentioned in email addresses is unknown, inactive or invalid, then marks them as bad.

MX Records

MX Records

Validate MX or A records for the domain part of the email addresses, wildcard gTLD check, determine which mail servers are on.

SMTP Connection

SMTP Connection

It connect to email servers directly via SMTP and simulate sending of an email message using a combination of MAIL and RCPT commands.

Mailbox Error

Mailbox Error

Identifies emails returning different mailbox errors including messages like SMTP Timeout, Mailbox Full or SMTP Unreachable.

Risk Validator

Risk Validator

Role Based Account Detection - Removes all role-based email addresses like,

Realtime Processing

Realtime Processing

HelloMailList is cloud-based, allowing you to run the verification process on the background server, fast and effortless.

Flexible and Fast

Flexible and Fast

Large email lists can be loaded in seconds, verify all types of mails included Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo; your lists remain private.


Images that reflect the process of verifying the emails of a list, the results obtained and sending a newsletter to the verified list.

Why HelloMailList?

HelloMailList is the solution to the various problems that the other programs or services of bulk email addresses verification have.
Yes, a series of serious problems like these:



Since the verification of the lists is a hard test for a server, which is subjected to a series of controls and blocks, HelloMailList is not just an 'Email List Verifier', but a complete Email Marketing system that has its own ESP, where to create the 'FROM' email addresses, to be used in the verification.

The 'Hello' signals, which control the existence of email addresses, will be sent with this 'FROM' address, with the same domain name and IP of the server, which is not blacklisted and which guarantees the correctness of the results.

Web access

Access to the mailboxes via the Roundcube web interface, or from the PC with Thunderbird if you want.
To put the spam rules and view all mail movements on the server (incoming, outgoing or server-server) in a single tab, there is the 'Rspamd' web interface.

By verifying the list

The upload of large lists to the server, or between two servers, is very fast through the terminal emulator, using a command line.
The verification of a list is always started with a command line that starts the process in the background server as a job, allowing you to do other things, or close all programs and shut down the PC.
To find out if the verification process is over, another command line returns a result as an answer.
The verification process (300k Emails per day) returns 4 lists and optional the reports.
Downloading files is just as fast using command lines.
You can always view the files you work with on the server using the common FileZilla.
We can say that the PC will be used to connect to the server and edit the lists, and not to run the verification processes.

Make a website

You can also install a WordPress site on this server, or a minisite to create pages to promote.
The server and all web pages will have SSL secure certificate, automatically renewable.

Send newsletter

In the server it's already set up the installation of 'Sendy', uploading the folder received and browsing to the installation page.
And as the confirmation of 100% of a verified list is to send an email literally, 'Sendy' will use the 587 port that HelloMailList makes available and the email address, to send newsletters to the list.

With the command line you can download files containing email addresses that are bounced, and evaluate whether to delete or unsubscribe.
Now the list is 100% clean and has always remained under your privacy, with all the details.
In addition, the 'Sendy' autoresponder form uses HelloMailList to check the existence of every single email entered, before writing it to the database.

Hosting Info

Hosting for HelloMailList costs very little, and you pay only for the time you use, you can stop and resume its use.
Precisely for this reason, HelloMailList installs and uninstalls very easily, with a command line in a short time, being able to always create a new one with a new name and IP.


All this, seen from a distance, may seem complicated, but it is not at all.
The installation in a single step, then set the passwords and you're done; all also guided by video tutorials.
Best price in the market
Prices of the top competitors to verify 100k emails
*As per the 12.05.2018 plan

Price to verify an unlimited number of emails

*One time payment
I was looking for email verifying script where I can upload our list of email ids within the script and the script can process and validate the incorrect or non-existent email ids and once the list is processed we would get all the correct email ids which we can export. Similarly we should be able to import email ids for verifying. I tried to get this script a long time and finally I found the solution. The script runs on a dedicated server where we can process about 300k emails a day minimum. Actually, its an indispensable tool.


Education Management
Basically we have alot of history data in terms of email ids that we get from our clients for cleaning we are using desktop softwares like atomic email verifier etc but they are really very slow and they dnt verify the email ids correctly they only filter email ids based on syntax errors. We needed an online based script where we could upload our contact list and the script would run 24x7 using a cron job and filter out all incorrect email ids and let us export the correct email ids. HelloMailList does all this and much more.


Marketing and Advertising
Super easy, designed by experts who've thought of everything that would make any email marketing campaign successful. We tried it against a very well scrubbed list, and this tool was able to scrub our list even cleaner! Preparing the right list can be tedious - this tool covered everything we knew we needed, and a few things we weren't aware of. It's very intuitive and the reports are most insightful. And the test of accuracy after the first list delivery: over 99.7%. That's what we needed, so we're pleased.


Information Technology and Services
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